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Susan Cooper felt like a football widow; her husband Randy was a fan, and Susan simply felt that she couldn’t compete with the sport during football season. Did she issue threats and ultimatums? Did the gloves come off? Did she scream? Shriek? Throw things? No. Susan deeply values her relationship with her husband, so she found another way. She started asking questions. She nurtured her curiosity. She now counts herself as a genuine fan, and Susan’s relationship with Randy has improved tremendously. As an added bonus, she now enjoys talking football with other fans, too.

Susan originally wrote “football facts” for people with no knowledge of football. In doing so, she has created a book that has become such a wealth of information that even experienced, die-hard fans can pick up a thing or two; for novices, Football Facts for Females contains all the information that you need to start understanding the game in just a chapter or two. For easy reference, Susan has included an index and a glossary, all infused with her dorky sense of humor.

Susan Cooper has done a fantastic job! Kudos!

-Jim Nantz

CBS Sports

"Wow! This book is Amazing! Susan Cooper is Amazing! If you're ready to learn football, then read this brilliant guide written in an easy-to-understand manner!"

-James Malinchak

                                               Featured on ABC's hit show, "Secret Millionaire"

                                               Co-author, Chicken Soup for the College Soul


This book surprised me. I didn't expect such an in-depth knowledge of football from someone who has never played the game. [Susan Cooper's] great balance of humor and in-depth information about football made reading Football Facts for Females an enjoyable experience. And here I thought I knew football. Way to go, Susan!

-Joe Theismann (#7)

NFL Man of the Year (1982) and

World Champion (winning team, Super Bowl XVII) 

Best Humor category

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