Susan Cooper has been writing nearly her whole life. Subjects have covered a variety of subjects, from documents regarding environmental engineering, a book about mold for the real-estate industry published by Dearborn (the book, along with an online course, is now in its third edition), a number of articles that were published in The Pastel Journal,  articles related to real

I am ABSOLUTELY stunned by [Susan Cooper's] writing---I  want copies for all my daughters-in-law and granddaughters immediately!

-Betty Logan

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estate that were published in Homes Illustrated, and discussions of restaurants and food in Albuquerque published in PrimeTime, a local newspaper for those over 50.

She does not pretend to be a football guru, but she definitely has become a football fan, first becoming entrapped in the game when Vince Lombardi was coaching the Green-Bay Packers about a million years ago. Her education in football took place over many years, mostly by asking questions of her husband, Randy. (She learned to ask her questions during ads or half time of a game. That way, his answers would be short and concise rather than becoming long discourses over such topics as why the ground cannot cause a fumble!)

Does she have a degree in football--or in any aspect of sports? Nope. They're all in science and engineering, so she is very good at doing research. And a lot of research went into the writing of this book, Football Facts for Females: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em. 

Susan lives in Albuquerque with Randy, who is also her best friend, and their two cats, Molli and Timmy. (So you know who's in charge--the cats, of course.) In spite of the relative closeness of Dallas and Denver, Susan and Randy are both fans of the Packers. (Susan was born and raised in Milwaukee, so she had absolutely no choice! And now, of course, Randy doesn't have any choice, either--he HAS to be a Packers fan!) They have three children: a daughter, Carol and her wife, Anna, who have two bunnies, two cats two pugs and a beautiful baby girl. Their two sons are both married: Darin is married to Morgen, and Ryan is married to Kelly, and they have two children. All of them live in or near Albuquerque.
We hope that you enjoy this book and learn lots of facts about football. And have fun with Susan's dorky sense of humor!

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